About me

High quality texts deserve high quality illustrations. In my job as an illustrator, I feel it is my primary (and pleasant) duty to spice up and enhance articles, brochures, newsletters, annual reports and other documents. For this, I design collages and pen drawings. I am also available for personal portraits, Christmas cards or business gifts. Guaranteed, your design will be tailor-made and unique. I mostly work for and with newspapers, magazines, special-interest issues, design studios and private persons.

My main interest is in collages. I collect pictures and cut and arrange them until an image appears, which I then manipulate with Photoshop. This way, I can create both abstract and figurative illustrations, often characterized by a touch of humor. I love the variety of my work: a collage for a magazine article, pen drawings for children's books or newsletters, or a personal collage for a portrait.

An illustration should be functional. In other words, my illustrations must be in sync with the publication's objective. Therefore, ample exchange with principals is a must.

I was trained at the School of Arts in Kampen, specializing in illustration. In 1993, I started out as a freelance illustrator. During my traineeship at Opzij, a major women's magazine on emancipation issues, a number of my collages and pen drawings were published, which later on became my graduation objects. Soon magazines like Viva and Cosmopolitan hired me, even before I knew that there were so many magazines besides the ones in the kiosks. In the library, I discovered the wide array of magazines for health care, education, staff and government services. I am active in these realms, too. I get inspiration from addressing and meeting new publishers and design studios and discover possible collaborations and exchanges.

Apart from my work as an illustrator, I create my own art, which is exhibited regularly. A few examples are included in my portfolio.

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